lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

The participation of Stakeholders: a key factor in responsable management of the organisation

Patrici Calvo, 15/03/10.
The current crisis has shown that we are not facing a merely economic problem, but in fact something much more profound which affects society's trust in organisations. It is above all a question of the values and principles that have guided business in recent decades. These values and principles have led to organisations failing to achieve their inherent social purpose: that of meeting human needs. This has led companies to lose sight of the reason for their existence, thereby creating mistrust within the society of which it is a part, and from which it obtains the resources necessary to be able undertake its activities.

Meeting the demands of a Corporate Social Responsibility that is based on solid ethical foundations - ethos, prudential reason and justice - and considered from the perspective of participation by all the Stakeholders in the organisation's management, could be a key factor in minimising the harmful effects of the current recession as much as is possible, re-establishing trust from society, and fostering the prevention of possible future cases. With the participation by all their Stakeholders in a dialogue that is as egalitarian and symmetrical as possible, organisations can gradually create a culture that meets the current expectations of society and can thereby once again regain its trust.

sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

Domingo García-Marzá cree necesarias las alianzas entre admistración pública, empresas y sociedad civil

06/03/10, Patrici Calvo.Conferencia ofrecida en la Universitat Jaume I el 20 de enero de 2010, durante el trascurso del "I Congreso Abierto y Virtual Castellón 2020".

"La idea que quiero mostrar es que si queremos pensar en el futuro de nuestros territorios, de nuestras ciudades y municipios, hace falta establecer una nueva alianza entre los ayuntamientos -la administración pública-, el sector económico empresarial, y la sociedad civil. Sólo desde esta nueva alianza es posible pensar en un futuro donde se detenga esta peligrosa pendiente que es hoy la desmoralización de la vida pública"